Together, We The People

The Devil’s Down Under

Know: government = governments, throughout this article


There are people who oppose, others who support and those who simply don’t bother. Regardless, we are all bound to obey and follow one of the most dominant, important piece of paper.

Yet, it is exactly that one document which most of us aren’t even aware of its existence, let alone the implications of what is or isn’t in it. My very own study revealed, that less than 2% of Australians really know what this document is about, while others who may’ve heard about it, have absolutely no idea of its purpose, or wonder why we should even bother.

The Truth

That Is scary. This document, our constitution, lays the foundation for politicians on how they will govern our country, including us people. Staying ignorant about it, is like taking no interest on how we live our life but leave it for our government to decide. Worse, we literally extend our politicians an unconditional right to create just any law they deem necessary to rule at their convenience and without having to be accountable. That’s close to passing them Royal Absolute Powers. Well, the final decision, still to date, stays with the Crown anyway.

To realise the outcome of our passive role we take, we only need to look at our live streaming government(s)! Bills are being passed for more ridiculous laws to come into place followed by tightening suppression moves, etc. Australian’s livelihood standards will be further narrowed down, freedom of speech lessened and police and other control enforcements increased. The entire power-mechanism backed up by our constitution, of course. Who on earth with a sane mind would agree that this is what Australian’s, living in the twenty-first century, want?

Because of ignorance, many Australians believe that our constitution contains some kind of “forbidden&lrquo; act, making it untouchable to its code. Nobody can change that. Whether this is correct to the very point or not, isn’t the question to be answered. Rather, the predominant fact to this need to be understood in that, over time, people have been confined by the government, to the idea that it shouldn’t be touched because it demarcates and constitutes the basic law and the people of our Nation have an obligation to enshrine it as a good citizen duty.

Such a well crafted government indoctrination scheme works well in favour of the government. Don’t educate, make it a moral obligation, so people will follow; “Never question and certainly do not touch.” Blindfolded and deafened by demand. Mission complete, Australian commoners will leave us politicians alone and believe that what power creates, man cannot change. Our Constitution makes that very clear in that it includes powerful means to it to preserve the political power-mechanism.

Humanity shall not entice arrogance to prevail

Know but, one: A constitution is neither a scientific paper nor a textbook. In clear: A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organisation is governed. These rules together make up, i.e. constitute, what the entity is.

Who decides? Who makes it up? For Australia, this set of fundamental principles, also referred to as the Basic Law, were put together and final drafted by people who (should have) believed that these principles will be for the good of and serve, all the people within its entity. Their beliefs but date as far back in time as 120 years now. Without trying to implicate anything, but man-made, understand that this also means that such a document can easy be written to support either of the two; [one] the people as a whole, [2] governing bodies. It’s that clear.

With all credits given to our noble men, which I prefer to name as The Great 8 of the founders team of The federation of Australia; “Andrew Inglis Clark, Sir Richard Chaffey Baker, our first (and who’d know that?) PM, Sir Edmund Barton, our 2nd PM, Alfred Deakin, Sir John Quick, Sir Robert Randolph Garran, and Charles Cameron Kingston” who played a vital role in drafting Australia’s Federation constitution, one need to ask; Our constitution, written up 12 decades ago, how much does it serve all people? Further more so, knowing that:

It all took place at a time when Australia was still much in line with keeping the crown’s colony under control and to lessen crimes. During a time when Australia separated races and discriminated the sex of a person most. A time when basic a human rights were at a bottom low and suppression considered orthodox. Strict controlling and ruling over a, former convict populated, colony, granting very limited rights to the folk, was still considered necessary to be respected as an expedient government.

You can find some answers to that by reading just two extracts of our constitution.

section 56 of Australia constitution

This is even better

section 56 of Australia constitution

That’s it? - Is it the 18s or the 19s?

Let’s take this a little further. Our 120 years old constitution has had very few amendments brought to it, with not one of such amendments constituting a vital change as a better for the commoners. More factual, the latest accepted amendment is dating back to 1977. Certainly worth to mention here is, that 6 out of 8 amendments either concerned shifting government debts, taking care of Senate casual vacancies, and the retirement entitlements of judges. From the remaining two, one was with concerns to enhancing the lawmaking for certain pension issues for the commoners and another concerning Australia’s Race People. So that was it. The other 36 amendment bills were wiped off the table before we could even get to them.

Truth is, we live now in the year 2017 and with time changing, people change. An entire nation changes, especially a growing, multinational country like our own. Ask, and almost every child will refer to the 1970s as the stone age. Every child comprehends the fact that the last 50 years were the most evolutionary years in human history. Despite all that, we modern Australians, we hang onto a constitution which was written up for us in the 19th century and presents itself as the most incomplete constitution of any modern country. This paradox pulls almost par with a stupid g’old law for bar owners; Bars are required by law to stable, water and feed the horses of patron.

Are we Australians really that dumb ignorant?

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What makes it all worse is that, the majority of Australians do know very little to nothing about the constitution and wouldn’t even bother. The main reason for this is simply that a correct, clear constitutional cognisance had never really been passed on. The crucial point to this, reticent on providing clear and detailed information, may be the fact that the constitution is incomplete in that it doesn’t include all core values.

On the other hand, this could provide the basis to give reason on a challenge and the questioning of the Basic Law. A successful challenge of the constitution would clearly mean a defeat to the archaic, power-mechanism which drives our current system. Hence, the more ignorant and disinterested the population is, the easier it is for the power-mechanism to stay in power.

Not one single explanation to this should be provided to elude this fact, other than to admit that our constitution shall deem to favour support for governing bodies.

With that, our Australian constitution clearly holds the lead, in that it clings onto and protects the poorest written constitution among all other civilised, developed and human rights embracing nations. The archaic, medieval-like culture vested in our constitution has earned Australia the shameful rank No.1 in being the human-rights loneliest Nation. A human-rights reversing nation, indeed. Australian politicians stay firm, in refusing to embed human rights and political accountability in our constitution. Instead, they embrace their incontrovertible powers and keep doors open for those in power, to unproblematically increase their power-mechanism.

Australians can witness this literally every day; politicians accusing, blaming, fighting each other. Denying, misinterpreting and withholding truth. Continue mismanaging, steeling and plundering our country.

Most we people are willing to do, however, is drag ourselves and under suppressing force from the government, to the ballot boxes and swap our ring-fighting rulers back and forth, knowing that nothing will ever change for a better. People will keep losing and be driven further into social ghettos. It will get worse with every day passing, unless people taking action to call about drastic change upon!

Awe Awakening

A civilisation which leaves so many of its citizens unsatisfied and drives them to revolt neither has nor deserves the prospect of a lasting existence

We the people, we need to wake up to reality. We need to know that it is us people who hold the key to power, not the politicians, not any capitalist magnate, not any invincible handler(s), who believe to be invisible.

A modern country is only modern if people living in its society are unified and equally, happy and supportive. These are the fundamental basics for a nation to grow and sustain its existence with as an economically and social strong nation. It’s the nation’ people who need to make sure, that their people representatives take an oath to truly serve and protect none less than the people of the nation they are going to serve. Never anyone else!

Thus, heck yes, the constitution can be changed, even totally rejected and written up again and from the very first paragraph. To conclude, a complete change of our constitution and its attached ruling system, is the only way to bring effective, positive change to our country. Therefore do not allow anyone to scare you off with some twisted Grim tales.

With the aim of creating a better Australia for all Australians, calls for such a drastic change shall never serve the idea to deem it as a possible act of revolution and give reason for torment questioning or otherwise try to suppress positive change, but rather agreed to as being the salient, obligatory right of the people, to ascertain, fair and equal rights and duties for all individuals as well as its governing bodies, are met to the fullest.

We the people need to understand that Enough has arrived at our front door!
We The People, we need to evoke, strive for and actualise drastic change. We the people, need to claim back our value as worthy citizens, and to achieve this we need to stand together and reject being ruled. We the people, need to accept leadership so we can build leadership, which will lead us into a prosperous, sustainably tomorrow for All of us, our children and theirs and generations to come. Fellow Australians, “This is our time.”.

Thank you!

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Norbert Harms

Writer, EMILE, People4People Activist

Norbert is an advocate of social equality, fair justice for all, and governing without politics.