setting things straight

Over decades, Australia's left and right-wing politicians created countless and irreparable problems for its society.

The future of the Australian people looks pretty dull. Already, common livelihood standars have sunk dramatically, resulting in surging family and social problems, and the trend is showing to sit firm at an alarming upwards speed

Listed below you can read about some of the most important issues which our politicians continue to fail on creating a coherent and sustainable strategy for. Simply because they have no idea, and worse, hang onto and create even more devastating strategies. All these issues, however, must be addressed - Now. Unfortunately, none of our self-praising "Academic" decorated politicians qualify to do so! Their past utmost successful failure records are the best proof on hand.

Wake Up ‐ Australia

We don't need any longer any of their (political) experience to ruin our country. What we need now is people with the right vision for Australia and its people, people, who can stand to do the right thing for people and their country - First, and Second, do the same, again.

Australian political issue on education Education

Issue 1: Education

Education is the mother of civilasation and all good. It is the essence of social harmony and prosperity. On a flip-side, education can be abused in hindsight of empowering corrupt minds.

Over the past two devades, Australia's education system has deterriorated into a carefully crafted and politically motivated and manipulated commodity.

The down-dumbing process is furtehr supported by a completely riddled education system under the guide of autmost poor leadership. Australian education today = Toll for revenue growth.

A pathetic insult on humanity itself.

Australian political issue on energy Energy

Issue 2: Energy

It is a well known and downplayed fact; Only a couple of decades away, humanity will face extreme shortage of 3 livelihood supporting fundamentals; Water, Food and Energy.

Energy crisis in Australia has meanwhile escalated to a new high and with reckless self-serving political support, corporate greed is being fostered at all cost.

A political crime scene which Australian people simply can no longer afford to accept and must rigorously act to end.

Australian political issue on National Assets National Assets

Issue 3: National Assets

Apart from any suppression smokescreen running at high background-speed, this has got to be the most pathetic incompetency of any Australian Government which ever out their dirty hands onto the national steering wheel.

Talking about steering, our Government's have already successfully killed off any promising industry; "Steel, Agriculture, Mining, Car, Telecom, ...!

There's hardly anything left these bandits, who call themselves "Government", can still sell off to temporarily fill the huge budget wholes they burn into our national assets bucket. While other nations create and build assets, our highly "Education Decorated" and therefore undisputed the only qualified Government professionals, however, sell our mother as a prostitute to "make money". They truly have no chance other than to increase taxes and fines and come up with more public-milking ideas.

Extreme shortsighted thinking, actually, often times even backwards looking thinking was always an outstanding underperformance strength of our arrogant, exhibitionist leaders.

Australian political issue on Immigration Immigration

Issue 4: Immigration

There is an old saying: "You want to talk to the boss or to someone who knows about it?" The same rule we can literally apply to our politicians.

This bunch is so obsessed with writing up new rules and regulations that by the time they roll out another useless set, they'd already forgotten about the actual problem and have only contributed towards confusing themselves, more. It doesn't really matter. What counts is, we have new immigration rules. Effective and purpose filling or not, who cares. What we know, however, is that we'll make truckloads of money. And many other professional professionals involved in our human immigration trafficking, too, mind you.

Australia's current immigration concept (or policy as they call it, to sound more sophisticated) is extremely off-the-track, derailed and hitting Australians on all corners. Add to this some hefty portion of inhumane, insulting and discriminating characteristics and surely we have to agree with Australia's most pathetic person ever served as immigration minister, the utmost honourable Mr Peter Dutton, that Australia is "a very generous nation". If only we could have the general public included, to benefit from this generosity.

Australian political issue on Indigenous Indigenous

Issue 5: Indigenous

Australia had failed. Stop. Worse, Australia had willingly failed. Full stop. Unforgivably, Australia denies to willingly having chosen to be racist.

Fair enough, and before a bunch of wining politicians try to roll out their claws as defence and set out for a counter attack, yes, we know about you only amendment. The only amendment ever made (out of 8) to the constitution concerning "commoners", amendment 5: Aboriginals (1967). Given the fact that this - one only amendment concerning the people, in this case our indigenous Australians, passed with the highest count ever reached in a parliamentary voting (90.8% to be correct) one needs to wonder why the Government more or less had left it at that.

Despite your camouflaged anti-discrimination laws, my dear Government, our indigenous community has been and still is, considered an outsider group. We shall not allow this farce to blind us but rather open our eyes wider and continue to look at this political calamity with utter scrutiny. Especially now!

Australian political issue on Healthcare Healthcare

Issue 6: Healthcare

Healthcare is another disaster platform. Making it not even to reach the top 30 in a world where we consider ourselves on top of the world, is a pretty poor performance. Add to this a rogue running privatised healthcare industry, the public milking process had turned perpetual.

If you care for your health, you better get a better job so you can afford expensive private insurance policies. Then you are a heaps better off, too. You may not have to wait years, only - many months. You may even be willing to buy more expensive drugs. But it doesn't stop here.

Add the many ridiculous regulations mind crafted in support of the highly profitable pharmacy and other industries, all proudly "in service to care for our health", our Government will shine - pretty dull, once again.

Australian political issue on Age Care Age Care

Issue 7: Age Care

Australia’s fragmented age care system is being suffocated by many other intermediary industries, all contributing towards creating an island hub of primary, secondary, residential, and other care islands, all but with one aim, caring to upscale their revenue making from the elderly.

With an expected more than 2 billion people at the age of 65 and over, populating the earth by the year 2050 (a global milestone to reach economic disaster levels), one can only wish not being able to imagine of what we are going to face within the next two decades only.

Australian politicians are helpless and ignorant in this most severe address, and again, display nothing but arrogance, playing down facts, and hiding their incompetency. Reason but for Australia slipping even further in aged (health) care and now barely meets the middle range on a global scale.

Australian political issue on Economics Economics

Issue 8: Economics

Australian economics, … does it even exist?

Politics and its lawmakers are being solidly wrapped by Australian powerhouse engines to keep economics firmly in the hands of Australia’s minority group of major decision makers. While not officially allowed to name it, especially in a camouflaged democratic country such as Australia, cronyism is perhaps the closest term which can be associated with Australian politicians’s understanding of economic strength.

Australia’s economic strength lies in the sell-off power of - still some available - assets. A dangerous sword which, when being picked up by shortsighted, handlers such as Australian politicians, can easily swing the wrong way and self kill. So it did, many times in the history of successfully stopping growth of Australian economic strength (industries named before already under national assets).

Australian economics is a laughable circus with narcissist clowns running around disguised as politicians, ruining our beloved country.

Australian political issue on Public Infrastructure Public Infrastructure

Issue 9: Public Infrastructure

The list of utter incompetency and child-like dream-fulfilling of our Australian politicians continues with taking a look at Australia's urban and regional infrastructure upgrade planning.

While our Asian neighbours are all pulling ahead of us, in every instance, even the less developed countries, Australia keeps biting tis nails and scratching heads. Disastrous ecological as well as financial decisions are being made on spending already cash low money on useless infrastructure upgradings.

Environment issues, planning issues, community issues and the likes are all proven a democratic farce. Proof of that is the NSW state over ruling local governments in their urge to spend taxpayer money on Sydney's most renown failure project, the city light rail, while infrastructure gurus battle with the idea of including superannuation funds in their disaster financing planning. Good enough to roll out some finance experiments on the public. And why is this folk still running free, really?

Australian political issue on Multiculturalism Multiculturalism

Issue 10: Multiculturalism

Australian political issue on Environment Environment

Issue 11: Environment

Australian political issue on Taxation Taxation

Issue 12: Taxation

Australian political issue on Constitution Constitution

Issue 13: Constitution

Australian political issue on Technology Technology

Issue 14: Technology

Australian political issue on Natural Resources Natural Resources

Issue 15: Natural Resources

Australian political issue on Human Rights Human Rights

Issue 16: Human Rights

Australian political issue on Law & Justice Law & Justice

Issue 17: Law & Justice

Australian political issue on Foreign Relations Foreign Relations

Issue 18: Foreign Relations

Australian political issue on Foreign Trade Foreign Trade

Issue 19: Foreign Trade

Australian political issue on National Security National Security

Issue 20: National Security

Australian political issue on defence Defence

Issue 21: Defence

Australian political issue on livelihood Livelihood

Issue 22: Livelihood