Meet The Candidates

NSW  Local Council Elections 2017

A Face To Face Meet-Up   05.09.2017 @ 18:30

An evening with local candidates for the 2017 council election.

by Norbert Harms

Are the candidates solid as granite
or soft as butter?

And no, it wasn’t my electorate. It was one a little further away.

Why not at home, you’d want to ask. Because I want to hear other voices which I’d never listened to and see other faces I’d never seen before, I’ll answer. It was indeed an interesting evening. From the 7 candidates of this ward, 6 actually turned up. My gratitude to the candidates.

Now, shock of the evening off the table first; the audience.

Though there wasn’t really much time at hand for the host of this complementary - "Meet the candidates" to invite and organise, the crowd was surprisingly quite big. That’s a positive sign, indeed and, well done! The frustrating part is, that the average age - and please take note of this without prejudice - was about 50+ (my rough guess, could’ve been a little more perhaps, 52/53 or so?).

Now that I’d call, no, not alarming, neither chocking (as indicated before) nor disappointing. No, that was the nail hit on its head! It clearly reflects the overall; "I don’t care what they say" attitude of the general public. Most of them have moved into some kind of "acceptance ecstasy " already, knowing that politicians do whatever they want to do, anyway. So why the heck even bother?!

Add to this that less than 1% of the audience was made up by none-European backgrounds, this should tell you everything about where our society is hidding towards.

And how please, Mr Dutton, Mr Tumbleball (wait a moment, I guess … uh, Turnbull, that’s right), Mrs … and so on, how would "You" describe this? Irresponsibility? Well, that’s your chance to craft another law and don’t forget to add some more fines to it, too, please. That being said though, I guess our Australian society simply tries to act obedient and follows their great country leadership!

Table’s clean, so let’s move over to the Candidates bench. 6, I said, didn’t I. The plan was, each candidate gets 5 minutes to - … talk. Now what do you think they, as a potential local council member, would want to talk about? I give you 15 seconds to think about it and perhaps even write it down as a note. 1, 2, 3, …15. Got your notes on the paper?

Ok, here is my observation. My initial, physical appearance impression was diluted the moment they opened their mouths. If I was an employer being asked to write up some referral letter, I’d write something on the line like; "the candidate did their best they could do". I know, this was grammatically incorrect but I wanted to avoid to sound a sexist or discriminating and to be fair on the candidates, it was an even split.

So, each candidate had 5 minutes to - sell themselves. 5 minutes, can be a long time, or far too short. Nevertheless, knowing you got five minutes (in some cases, one minute would be too long already) and you still waste much of this valuable time, bragging? Oh…kayie. Writing an essay at school with a similar derail quality you’d perhaps get it handed back with a note attached; "failed topic"

Given the fact that some of them even mentioned; "This needs people with expertise and many years experience in politics", I can only agree with that, a 100% - IF, you want to carry on with such high level of incompetence and arrogance - at Any government level. It’s like sales people, bragging they’d be the best because they know everything about the product they have to sell. Right. Another thing I always wonder is, why do some professionals always have to nod with their heads, every time another person talks? To me, it is a clear sign of insecurity, trying to impress or worst scenario, be nice.

I take this specific candidate was just nervous, but then, excuse, what are you doing here anyway? Some of the candidates surely raised some valid points, no discredit given over their knowledge of some issues. But knowing is one thing, doing is another. So let’s continue with the polit-bragging, ...until.

Then there was this other candidate who claimed its representing community is not hybrid between some 2 bigger brothers (or is it brother and sister, excuse my ignorance) while at no time something came to my ear what exactly the candidate would do to ascertain, either brother or sisters would translate this the same way. Whoop di shwoup there comes the dragon lord, its honourable house of all dragons on how much money they pumped into the community, last year, …into whom, really?

Though, without a single doubt in mind, I trust all candidates came with good intentions. I believe that. They all place a lot of efforts into, setting aside valuable time of theirs, time which they could otherwise spend at work earning more money or at home with their families. They all work hard, trying to make a difference. For that alone, they all deserve our gratitude. Sadly but, this wouldn’t get them anywhere close to what they envisage.

Just listening to their voices over this and that, what’s been happening inside (the council) and still is. These candidates would be chewed up and spit out the moment they walk into the cage, Except the one who are hanging onto some big, fat silverback, of course. They’d be allowed to drag themselves through the mud, for a while, perhaps.

There wasn’t really any candidate who I could see last for long, either before they loose their voice or eventually take on colour and join the pack. Not until, …!

There was - this one - candidate. That one was different. This voice didn’t come from the mouth. It came from deep down of this candidate’s soul. I could sense a vibe of "passion, conviction, focus and uninterruptible determination" hitting me. This candidate made also sense to everything that was brought up or answered by the candidate. Not only did it make sense but they were all serious concerns. Concerns which, when being left on their own as they are by our politicians, these concerns would turn into disastrous results for a community and for an Australia as a whole. This candidate would go a far way and boy, nobody could put a stop on that momentum.

This candidate is what Australia needs, not once, but countless times, here and everywhere. People, stemming from an ordinary life background. People who know what’s best for their community and beyond. People who sincerely care for communities to survive as a community and prosper together. People who don’t speak about themselves but for other. People who believe in, and care enough to keep fundamental, important things alive, to keep a society healthy and growing stronger, together.

I only wish for this ward to see the colours, hear the sounds and smell the aroma. Australia - needs its communities. Without them, Australia will fall a bundle of social ghettoes and then, what is Australia?